Mazda is introducing a new wagon specifically for people with disabilities. The AZ-Wagon i has a more comfortable redesign, and goes on sale in Japan starting today.

People with disabilities are getting a new road option in Japan, courtesy of Mazda.  The company has just released a redesigned version of the Mazda AZ-Wagon i.

Some of the features on the wagon include a lowered floor, and an easier-to-use retractable ramp, to give improved access to those in wheelchairs.  Also making things a bit easier is the wider rear opening, meaning even the most cumbersome chairs can fit right in.  Those in wheelchairs now get the benefit of a handrail on either side, and a three-point seatbelt.  An anti-theft system also comes as standard.

The AZ-Wagon i is based on the new AZ-Wagon micro-mini launched domestically last September.  The Mazda AZ-Wagon i will be priced at ¥1,497,000 ($15,531) as a three-seater, and ¥1,521,000 ($15,780) with optional folding rear fourth seat.  The vehicle goes on sale today in Japan.

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