You can input the tracking number on FedEx's Website and follow the rig's progress around the country.

Denny Hamlin drives the #11 FedEx Freight sponsored Toyota Camry in NASCAR, and his race hauler is one of the coolest rigs in the series. The exterior of the transporter makes it appear that Hamlin’s Camry is a package that’s on the way to the next track. As one of the world’s premiere logistics firms, FedEx has good reason to make the truck look good, and the firm gets all the details right.

FedEx Nascar Hauler

By far the rig's coolest feature is that it actually functions as a traceable FedEx package. The normal shipping instructions and codes are on the side of the transporter. If you enter the info into the logistics firm's Website, it goes to a special page about the NASCAR team and includes a map of the United States showing the truck's present location. As of this writing, Hamlin's car is most of the way to this weekend's race at Richmond International Raceway in Virginia.


The combination of the truck and trailer measures a massive 78 feet (23.77 meters) long, and the fully loaded rig weighs around 80,000 pounds (36,287 kilograms). In total, it covers about 70,000 miles (112,654 kilometers) during a NASCAR season.

The video below offers a glimpse inside the FedEx transporter from a couple years ago. Inside, there's room for the crew to tune the suspension components, and there's all the necessary fasteners for working on the car. The immaculate organization of the drawers would make anyone with a home tool chest a little jealous.

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Hamlin won the Daytona 500 in 2016 and finished sixth in the drivers' champion at the end of the season. As of this point in the 2017 season, he's 15th in the drivers' standings.

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