Caught in a blur is this crossover SUV, a possible new competitor to the BMW X6 coming soon from Acura.

This somewhat-blurry photo is believed to have caught Acura's proposed challenger to the BMW X6. Caught in the icy depths of Winnipeg, Canada, by an reader, the car may be on its way to getting a public debut.

Acura has not yet mentioned anything about an upcoming crossover, but these shots combined with its previous appearance on the Nürburgring scream Acura styling. If it does come to market, it would be taking on a segment dominated by both the Infiniti FX and the BMW X6.

Since it is stripping off camo in the Great White North, there is a definite chance this crossover gets its launch at the New York International Auto Show in April. After all, Americans are still a prime demographic for this segment of auto. If Acura is looking for a bigger debut, we may see this thing stay under wraps until September's Frankfurt Motor Show.