The company is currently contacting potential buyers.

Volkswagen is still trying to clean up the mess it created with the Dieselgate scandal and a new report indicates the automaker is currently considering selling one of its brands. Of course, we are not talking about an automotive marque, since Audi, Skoda, and SEAT are all doing pretty well on the market.

According to Reuters, the manufacturer could sell motorcycle manufacturer Ducati in order to pay the multibillion-dollar fines and taxes after the diesel scandal. Ducati was acquired by Audi for $935 million back in 2012 – and the brand has declined to comment the information. Sources close to the matter have told Reuters that no final decision has been made as Volkswagen is currently contacting potential buyers.  

In October last year, VW Group Chairman Hans Dieter Pötsch categorically denied rumors that Volkswagen could sell Ducati, Scania, or Man. He then told German business newspaper Börsen-Zeitung that the company is in good financial shape and there are still options for additional loans, if necessary.

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When Audi bought Ducati in 2012, specialists questioned the point of the purchase, saying it has no economic or industrial logic. According to many, the deal reflected Ferdinand Piech’s, former VW Chairman, passion for Ducati. But, judging by official sales report from Audi, Ducati is an important brand for the Group, as it has posted sales of $588 million in 2016.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen is still fixing or buying back diesel vehicles in the United States, affected by the Dieselgate. As of mid-April, the manufacturer has dealt with nearly 244,200 2.0-liter TDI vehicles in the country or roughly half of the all more than 475,000 affected cars.

Note: 2017 Ducati SuperSport pictured in the gallery.

Source: Reuters

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