Forza Horizon 3 is known for its extreme cars and expansive landscapes. Just recently the studio released an expansion pack that let you race Lamborghinis over a frozen lake, and another that offered up the GTA Spano for free. But the latest update might be even better than either of those. With the special Hot Wheels expansion pack, players can literally live out their childhood fantasies on screen.

It’s said to be "the ultimate playground for cars," and we have reason to believe it. The Hot Wheels track and cars come to life – at least digitally – offering up a variety of loops, corkscrews, boost pads, high bank turns and insane jumps. The quick one-and-a-half minute teaser shows off all the sweet additions you should expect when the package becomes available for download next month.

Forza Horizon Hot Wheels Pack
Forza Horizon Hot Wheels Pack

With the new Hot Wheels expansion also comes a handful of cars to go along with it. Some of the most notable additions include the Jeep Wrangler Trailcat concept, which boasts a 707-horsepower (527-kilowatt) Hellcat engine, the Pagani Zonda R, which has a 790-hp (589-kW) V12, as well as a few other fictitious Hot Wheels legends.

The package will be available on May 9, 2017, and can be purchased for $20 as a standalone upgrade. The upgrade also includes the Forza Horizon 3 Expansion Pass, which comes with a range of new vehicles and tracks, all for about $35.

Source: Turn 10 Studios

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