Those dealers are now required to notify any potential buyers.

Buyer beware. According to the New York Attorney General, a handful of dealerships in the state of New York have sold vehicles without disclosing open safety recalls. An AG-led investigation found 104 dealerships at fault, selling off hundreds of vehicles will serious safety issues, eventually leading to a legal settlement.

As part of the settlement, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said dealers must now notify customers two days prior to the sale of an unreported vehicle if the vehicle is going unrepaired. The dealers must also give customers loaner vehicles if the repairs on their recalled vehicle takes more than one day, and they must disclose in advertisements that the vehicle is subject to recall. Issues including unintended acceleration, airbag problems, vehicle fires, and steering and brake loss were cited in the report.

"The safety recalls we uncovered were serious – and potentially deadly," said Schneiderman. "Consumers deserve to know of any unresolved safety issues before buying a car for themselves or their family. I encourage all auto dealerships across the state to follow our guidelines to ensure that they too uphold the highest standards of consumer safety."

The AG’s office concluded that many buyers were under the assumption that any public safety issues would be repaired or disclosed by the dealer before being sold. The office surveyed ads and monitored vehicles covered by safety recalls, leading to the discovery. The investigation is ongoing, but the list of dealers in the settlement can be seen in full on the attorney general’s website.

Source: New York Attorney General, Automotive News

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