This was the artist's first time doing this type of work with a 1/43 scale model. He generally uses larger ones.

Mexican artist Felix Hernandez Rodriguez is a master of photographing tiny things and making them look real. In a new commission for Audi Middle East, he uses a 1/43 scale model of the Q2 in photographs that appear to show the brand’s compact crossover in Dubai.

Hernandez created the desert scene in his studio in Cancún, Mexico, and later flew to Dubai to find the perfect spot for photographing the background. The video above shows some of this process, and it's amazing to watch. Using some sandpaper and tape, Hernandez builds a realistic road. He also has an intriguing process for making sand dunes.

Audi Q2 Scale Model Ad

Despite his extensive experience working with scale models, Hernandez described on Behance, a design Website, that this project was a new undertaking him. “This was my first time doing this kind of photography with such a small scale model. I learned a lot in the process, as is not the same working with a 1/18 scale than with a 1/43,” he wrote. He clearly figured it out because these pictures came out great.

In late 2016, Hernandez also highlighted the Audi R8 in photographs showing the supercar on a shore. In reality, the scale model was sitting on a table, and the artist used flour, sand, rocks, and even cigarette smoke for creating the scene around it. For the final images, Hernandez took multiple photos from different focal lengths and digitally combined them.

The clip below is the most recent video on Hernandez’s YouTube and shows off more of his work. In addition to automotive art, he has done some amazing Star Wars-themed imagery of various Stormtroopers.

Source: Behance, Hernandez Dreamphography

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