The electric hatch will undergo an extensive 10,000-mile journey from U.K. to Mongolia.

As Bob Dylan says, “the times they are a-changin’.” Besides Formula E, the Electric GT Championship, and other EV competitions, even the grueling Mongol Rally will soon have a zero-emissions car at the start line. We’re talking about the Nissan Leaf AT-EV (All Terrain Electric Vehicle) based on the regular 30-kWh Acenta, but prepared for the long journey by engineering company RML Group based in United Kingdom.

The eco-friendly Nissan will have to cover no less than 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers) this summer during its trip from U.K. to Mongolia. To make sure it will be ready to withstand the abuse on what will be some very difficult roads, the race-prep Leaf has received a set of Speedline SL2 Marmora wheels wrapped around in Maxsport RB3 skinny tires. Since it will have to tackle some rough terrain, the engineers have installed extra protection by welding plates to the underside of the wishbones, along with fitting braided brake lines, chunky mud flaps, and a 6-mm sump guard made from aluminum.

Nissan Leaf All Terrain
Nissan Leaf All Terrain

Considering the Leaf’s trunk is not that big, a roof rack has been added to provide the much-needed extra cargo capacity crucial whenever embarking on such a long trip. It also features an LED light bar, which needless to say will be of great use at night while travelling in the remotest parts of the rally.

Besides tweaking the exterior, the engineers also modified the cabin by taking out the rear seats together with their seatbelts to shave off 32 kilograms (70 pounds). In case something goes terribly wrong, a medical kit and a fire extinguisher have been integrated in the trunk. Rubber floor mats complete the package.

The forthcoming Mongol Rally 2017 represents an interesting send-off for the current Leaf considering the second generation will be out in September. “Electric vehicle advocate” Plug In Adventures had the bright idea to modify a Leaf for the event as a way to promote EVs throughout the rally. Co-founder Chris Ramsey will be making regular stops to highlight the benefits of an electric car.

As with all other teams participating in the rally organized by The Adventurists, the people behind the Leaf AT-EV will have to raise at least £1,000 (almost $1,300) for charity.

The Mongol Rally 2017 will begin on July 16th.

Source: Nissan

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