Renault will host 28 track days across Europe to give people the chance to test out Renault Sport cars in a closed environment.

Renault Sport Technologies is organizing a 28-day tour across Europe to showcase their sportscars. The entire Renault Sport range will be on hand for as little as €30 for a Clio Cup track run. The Renault Sport Experience is a combination of the company's Enthusiast Days and their Twingo Driving classes. Other new events will also be available as well.

They will even have a woman's only day on May 17 at Folembray in northern France.

Renault wants to not only draw Renault lovers to the race track, but also drivers interested in learning about racing safety. Renault Sport owners also get the chance to test their skills on the field. Drivers will also get a chance to take out the Mégane R26.R on a coached test drive. Some may even get a shot behind the wheel of the Formula Renault 2.0.

Some fans will even get the chance to tour the Alpine-Renault plant in Dieppe, France. Here, visitors will get to check out the Renault Sport assembly lines, and the Clio Cup and Mégane Trophy manufacturing facility.

The tour goes through much of France, and includes stops in the U.K. and Belgium. Renault's Sport Experience will wrap up in October. Those interested in signing up should take a look at the contact information printed at the end of the press release below.

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