The latest viral from Vodafone and Blackberry shows the real capabilities of Bluetooth... or does it?

Spoiler alert: you may want to watch the video before reading the article.

The premise is simple: two F1 fans hack a McLaren RC car to run off Bluetooth, using their Blackberry Storm to control it. They run the "Office GP" over the weekend, instead of the "important work" they were supposed to do.

The two working lads, Simon and Steve, are supposed to look like two normal guys who have a good time and upload the fun to YouTube. Then McLaren bosses see the video, and decide to have a word.

McLaren decides to adapt the video full-scale, by installing Bluetooth receivers on Lewis Hamilton's car. Much to the amazement of Simon and Steve, Hamilton himself shows up to the track in Portugal and takes the car for a spin, remotely using his Blackberry Storm to control the McLaren MP4-24 racer.

So is it real, or not? Well, undoubtedly not. Blackberry and Vodafone probably whipped this video together in their latest viral video promotion after their first one (see related links below). Nevertheless, it is very convincing, and cool to watch.

We're still wondering if the F1 car was really driverless, or if they cleverly hid an operator.