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It’s a known fact Mercedes-Benz has set its sights on expanding the A-Class family with additional models slated to arrive in the years to come. One of them will definitely be a sedan previewed last week by the Concept A Sedan, but how about doing a convertible to nicely round off the lineup?

This design exercise explores the idea of a droptop A-Class using as foundation the showcar from Auto Shanghai. It’s too soon to say whether the company with the three-pointed star badge is thinking about doing a compact posh cabrio, but we would be more than ok with it as this hypothetical A-Class Cabrio looks pretty sweet.

Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan
Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan

Since there seems to be room in the lineup for both an A-Class Sedan and a CLA, why not chop off the roof and rear doors to create a rival for the Audi A3 cabriolet? There could also be a sporty version with the concept’s Panamericana grille to go after the S3 and BMW’s 2 Series convertible.

Sure, the body style has seen better days in terms of sales, but since Mercedes seems to be willing nowadays to cover every possible niche in the business, the idea of an A-Class-based cabrio doesn’t seem crazy to us. It’s actually way more plausible than the short-lived R63 from a decade ago.

Reports are indicating Mercedes’ compact lineup will be extended to include not just an A-Class Sedan, but also a GLB. As the name of the rumored car implies, it will take the shape of a crossover positioned between the GLA and GLC. Some say it will be like a mini G-Class. Someone should render that as well since it sounds promising.

The first new compact model will be the next-gen A-Class hatchback expected to debut at some point next year and ride on an updated configuration of the current MFA platform.

Render : Aksyonov Nikita / Behance

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