MiTo GTA will come with a 1.8 liter direct-injection turbocharged engine producing 240 hp. Watch the video to see the MiTo do its thing next to a classic Alfa. Seems like one itself already.

Here's a promotional video for the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA and it looks like the definition of a stylish, Italian, hot-baby-hatch. True? Or as they say in Italian, vero, non?

The MiTo GTA is one of those models you bet on one day becoming a classic. It comes with an array of great new technologies that make it worthy of carrying the GTA (Gran Turismo Alleggerito - allegerito means lightened) badge for the Alfa Romeo brand.

For starters, it offers a direct-injection 1.8 liter engine with a spicy 240 hp achieved through the use of turbocharging, dual variable valve timing and electronics that optimize engine management.

The weight reduction (aside from using a rather small engine for a GTA) comes from carbon fiber body panels and the use of aluminum in the brakes, suspension and chassis. A 20 mm lowering of the car and an aerodynamic undercarriage maximize airflow and an active rear suspension along with advanced damper control help the car balance the various load pressures coming from the road to assure a more nimble handling.

Now, that's a lot of gizmology to be packing into a little car like the MiTo. But FIAT Group have been bold of late and they haven't faltered yet. The MiTo GTA looks white hot.

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