It is that time again when artists bring out their canvasses (or PhotoShop) and begin speculating on how the next 2011 BMW 5 Series will look like. This is but one of these renderings.

BMW had the European launch of the current 5 Series (E60) in 2003. The car underwent a facelift in 2007 and spy pictures depicting it while in testing have been shot. Now it is time to look forward to the next generation Fiver's outer skin. Because of how automakers work with regard to scheduling their cars, the 5 Series' final design has probably been approved already. And yes, it is a Chris Bangle-approved design. This is when artists start speculating on what it might look like in the metal when it is launched in 2011.

We have this interpretation of the 5 Series by Jonsibal. A recently leaked image of the front bumper and a leaked scan of the brochure were used to create this rendering. The new design draws its inspiration from the facelifted 3 Series on the bonnet, the 2010 7 Series on the front grille and bits from the CS Concept and the recently unveiled 5 Series GT Concept.

Under the bonnet the 2011 5 Series will debut new engines which work with BMW's next-generation EfficientDynamics. Petrol and diesel options are a given, while a hybrid may also make the lineup in order take on cars like the Lexus GS450H. The 535i will use the 3.0-litre twin turbo petrol to the effect of about 240kW (326hp) while a 550i will take the 300kW (408hp) 4.4-litre twin turbo V8.

BMW is scheduled to introduce a new compact 4-cylinder petrol turbo engine to complement its existing 4-pot twin turbo diesel and the 5 will surely benefit from it. For the first time we are also probably going to see an M5 with a smaller turbocharged engine leaping well over 400kW (544hp).

Some new technologies like the redesigned iDrive with 3D satellite mapping, LED front and rear lights as well as an 8-speed automatic gearbox will filter down to the 5 Series.