Mercedes-Benz is introducing a new fuel-cell hybrid bus in the summer. The bus will become a permanent fixture in several public transportation fleets around Europe.

Mercedes-Benz will introduce a new Citaro FuelCell Hybrid bus beginning this June.  The city buses is a part of MB's overall zero-emission plan, and Daimler's Shaping Future Transportation initiative.  These new hybrids will be tested as part of a large-scale fleet test in-and-around several major cities in Europe.

The public buses came from the NEBUS research concepts started in the mid-1990s.  From that came a diesel-electric hybrid, and now the FuelCell hybrid.  Originally, 36 of the fuel cell buses were part of a four-year test that logged roughly two million kilometers.

MB's new fuel cell bus uses electric hub motors powered by lithium-ion batteries.  Because of this, Mercedes-Benz claims their buses will consume a significantly lowered amount of hydrogen in comparison to similar fuel-cell buses.  They also say their buses are nearly silent.

Look for the same fuel cell system to appear on the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL when production begins later in the year.

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