Based on the same technology implemented in the company's hybrids and EVs.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH, it’s in charge (get it?) of selling energy storage systems. These are manufactured in Germany by Accuomotive, a wholly owned Daimler subsidiary. 500 million euros (about $543M) were invested in the production facility located in Kamenz where roughly 100 battery experts are working to perfect the technology.

These energy storage units were actually developed initially for automotive operation processes, but now the lithium-ion battery packs are being put to good use for homeowners. Customer deliveries in U.K. have kicked off and buyers get to choose from several energy solutions with up to eight battery modules.

Each module has an energy capacity of 2.5 kWh, so the biggest pack available with eight modules has a maximum capacity of 20 kWh. The technology has been in use in more than 80,000 of Mercedes’ road-going plug-in hybrids and EVs sold since 2012. In this new application, it allows homeowners who have their own solar energy systems to store the surplus power “with virtually no losses.”

Mercedes-Benz Energy has set up a network of distributors in U.K. responsible for selling the energy storage units and has also teamed up with qualified partners to handle installation. The product available for home electricity generation typically encompasses a photovoltaic (solar) system, an energy management system, a battery inverter — and obviously, the energy storage unit itself.

It will be available in United States later this year with a 10-year warranty and the option to choose from wall or floor installation. Mercedes touts the energy storage unit is practically noiseless and incorporates backup power functionality. In addition, a high-voltage version is currently in the works and will be launched at a later date.

Similar to Tesla’s Powerwall, Mercedes-Benz Energy’s solutions are also available in South Africa as well as in the Benelux region (Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg.)

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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Mercedes-Benz Energy is ready for the delivery of the first energy storage units for residential use to homeowners in the UK.

Originally developed for the rigorous demands of automotive operation, the Mercedes-Benz energy storage units are lithium-ion batteries that meet the very highest safety and quality standards. They are based on the technology used by Daimler since 2012 in over 80,000 hybrid and full electric vehicles.

Up to eight battery modules with an energy capacity of 2.5 kWh each can be combined to produce an energy storage unit with a capacity of up to 20 kWh. Industrial applications have even greater scalability. By using the storage units, households with their own solar energy systems can store surplus power with virtually no losses. By combining renewable energy sources with a battery storage unit, households can increase their self-consumption of generated energy to as much as 65 per cent, thereby bringing about their own ‘private energy revolution’.

Home retail price for home electricity generation is calculated based on a customised package of components. These generally consist of a photovoltaic (solar) system, a battery inverter, an energy management system and the Mercedes-Benz energy storage unit itself, plus the cost of installation.

A network of qualified partners and distributors makes planning and installation easy. At present, Mercedes-Benz Energy is working in the UK with distributors such as Alternergy, Innasol and Wind & Sun, as well as with partners who offer a complete system installation, such as Solar Frontier. The latter’s network of qualified installers can advise customers on-site, make offers on all components and manage all planning and installation. Stationary battery storage systems are generally installed together with solar panels.

“There is tremendous interest in our energy storage units in the UK. We’re very pleased to be able to offer Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home to customers here,” said Marc Thomas, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Energy.

UK sales is the latest step forward for Mercedes-Benz Energy, following the successful market introduction of energy storage products, the start of large-scale industrial projects in the primary reserve market, and the founding of Mercedes-Benz Energy Americas.

Customers can find out more about having a Mercedes-Benz energy storage system in their home and find local installers at