IS F Evolution will come with a 5.0 liter V8 with 435 hp. Use of carbon fiber materials for the front and rear ends, as well as the interior cabin, will lighten the IS F Evolution by about 300 pounds (140 kg) making it quicker and more nimble.

Lexus is still playing me-too with the German premium brands. They've established themselves fairly well in the North American market but still have to prove their mettle in the product contests in each segment. And they have to start selling a few more cars in Europe, but that's another story.

The rumor is that Toyota is now testing a couple of Lexus IS F Evolution mules somewhere in the Pacific region. Perhaps some barren Pacific island only Toyota knows the whereabouts of where they brew their indestructible, although bland, automotive blends.

In any case, a 5.0 liter V8 dutifully pumping out 435 hp is still in the cards for the IS F Evolution, a modest increase from the 416hp of the standard IS F. Enough to compete with the M3? Well, the ride will be the decisive factor there. And Toyota is said to be tweaking weight and other handling factors to make the IS F Evolution quicker and more nimble.

Weight reduction will come by way of front and rear ends replaced by carbon fiber materials. Ceramic brakes to improve deceleration will accompany the wheels wearing 245/35R19 tires at the front and 275/30R19 ones for the back.

Interior will also feature carbon fiber finishings and Recaro bucket seats at the front.

Japanese auto mag Best Car estimates a weight reduction of about 300 pounds (some 140 kg) and a starting price somewhere in the region of 180,000 US dollars.


Lexus Rumoured to be Prepping Faster & Lighter IS-F Evolution