Actor Eric Bana is starring in a new movie about himself and his Ford GT Falcon. Cameos are made by luminaries like Jeremy Clarkson and Jay Leno.

Australian actor Eric Bana is playing himself in a movie called Love the Beast. The film is essentially about the love affair a young man has with his car which has lasted a period of about 25 years. Forty-year old Bana says the car in question is a Ford GT Falcon which to him has become a friend over the years. At some point he decided to enter the Falcon in the Targa Tasmania Rally, one of Australia's most famous and dangerous races to disastrous results.

This is said to be a story that many car lovers and restorers will be familiar with, a story that affects everyone around this car owner whose major obsession in life is this piece of sheet metal.

There are a few famous cameos in the movie, names like car nut talk show host Jay Leno, TopGear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, relationship guru Dr Phil and previous Targa Tasmania Rally winners like Jim Richards and Barry Oliver.

Bana's role as himself is a first after the actor starred in big films like Hulk, Troy and Munich.


Love the Beast Movie Trailer - A Must See for All Car Fans!!!