These concepts use a turbine as a range extender and can allegedly travel over 621 miles on a charge.

Pininfarina arrives at this year’s Auto Shanghai show with a trio of green concepts that imagine two flavors of crossovers and a luxury sedan. The famous Italian design house created these show vehicles on behalf of its client Hybrid Kinetic Group.

The five-seat K550 and seven-passenger K750 concepts are essentially two takes on the same idea. Both feature large grilles with vertical slats, and headlights that integrate into them. Raked windshields make them looks quite aerodynamic, but the larger model has a higher roof for fitting the additional people inside. The looks is similar again at the back where both models feature skinny LED taillights.

Pininfarina K750 Concept
Pininfarina K550 Concept

The sedan in Shanghai is the same H600 from the Geneva Motor Show. The four-door shares the aesthetic of its CUV siblings but adapts the look for a sporty sedan. It’s arguably the most attractive of the trio.

All of these concepts combine electric drive with a micro-turbine generator range extender. Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic Group claim the high-tech drivetrain would offer an energy recovery rate over 30 percent and allow for a range in excess of 621 miles (1,000 kilometers) in the somewhat optimistic New European Driving Cycle test. The micro-turbine generators have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours and maintenance is necessary every 10,000 hours.

Vehicles like these concepts might actually see the road someday. Pininfarina has an agreement with Hybrid Kinetic Group to develop an electric car from concept through validation for production over the course of 46 months.

Pininfarina has said that the H600 sedan could be ready for sale in China and the United States by 2020. It’ll reportedly share 90 percent of the look from the concept. The Italians will build the initial examples but will eventually shift production to China. The production model will also reportedly retain the micro turbine generation range extender.

Source: Pininfarina

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