A new kit for the Bentley Continental GT is presented by Premier4509. Although similar to a previous package from the same brand done on the same car, there are marked differences.

The Bentley GT has received a new body package from Premier 4509. The kit consists of three-piece aluminium alloy wheels, a new front bumper, side skirts and a rear spoiler. In addition new exhaust tips and a six-piece grille set are included. Extra exclusivity is to be cemented by a uniquely numbered serial plate that comes with the car. It comes framed with a certificate of ownership.

Premier4509 has worked on the Bentley GT before which they called the Bentley GT Widebody. They have since forged harder to ensure the two kits are not colliding as far as looks go.

"The design is similar to our exclusive Wide body package launched in 2008", said company president, H. Yokomaku. "The response to the wide body package has been over whelming and there is a large demand to debut a non-wide version. We didn't want to do an exact replica of the wide body version, so we have made some changes to differentiate the two designs."

Only 300 limited edition units will be made available on a worldwide basis. Premier 4509 is a brand of VeilSide which is an automotive performance company that originates in Japan. They currently also have offices in California.


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