Looks like the new Wales production facility is about to open its doors.

We’ve already seen the new Vulcan, we’ve got almost all the details we need on the upcoming Valkyrie, so what exactly is Aston Martin teasing in this new video? The short spot entitled "The Ultimate Housewarming. Coming Soon." only last 38 seconds, and doesn’t give much in the way of details.

In it we see some of the most stunning Aston Martin products to date, including the iconic DB5, the Lagonda, and at the center of it all, the new Vulcan. Amongst the sea of beautiful retro British sports car, the Vulcan pulls out front and center, revs its engine, and speeds off camera.

With construction beginning at its new St. Athen, Wales facility, this is most likely a celebration of that. The automaker will bring together some of its most iconic models undoubtedly to help ring in a new era of Aston Martin production. Already we know that the DBX crossover, and eventually a new sedan and SUV will be built at the facility by the end of the decade.

The new facility will employee up to 750 people, a number of which are already being trained at Aston Martin headquarters in the U.K. The "luxury GT crossover," as it’s being called, is part of a £200-million ($255-million) investment into new products a the facility. Aston Martin has said that its new crossover will have “flexibility and room for the children,” when produced."  

Source: Aston Martin

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