The Opel Insignia could be headed to the US branded as a Buick. Buick is looking at every avenue available in order to cut costs and stay afloat.

The age of badge engineering has reorganised itself quite neatly and seems to be coming back strong and fast. News just in is that General Motors is considering placing Opel badges on some Buick vehicles and then selling them to customers in America. One of the first cars nominated as a candidate for this is the Opel Insignia, say people close to GM's product plans. It would enter the US as a Buick Regal sedan if this happened and not as the redesigned 2010 Saturn Aura that was expected.

Susan Docherty, vice president of Buick-Pontiac-GMC, told Automotive News that Opel is one of GM's brands that could provide her brands with some good product leveraging.

"In fairness, we've got to look at everything," Docherty was quoted as saying. "I wouldn't want to make a statement that all future Buicks we do will leverage the Opel platform because that wouldn't be true. The Enclave didn't use Opel nor did the new LaCrosse sedan. It's an avenue for us to explore, for sure."

But Saturn has been reported as one of the brands GM is also looking at either closing down or selling off. Docherty does not admit to knowing what plans are afoot regarding this but says in case this were true "we'd stay with the idea that GM will utilize all of its global architectural platforms".

Buick's plan is to concentrate on sedans and crossover vehicles. Plans are being developed to offer even more sedans with the Buick name.