The concept lets people play video games behind the wheel when the CUV is in autonomous mode.

Auto Shanghai is a major event for Chinese automakers, and Chery arrives to this year’s show with the Tiggo Sport Coupe Concept that looks ready to compete against stylish compact crossovers like the Toyota C-HR and Nissan Juke.

Chery uses the Tiggo branding for its range of crossovers, and the sport coupe concept would be a trendy addition to that lineup. A strip of LEDs running just underneath the hood dominates the front end and connects the headlights. Large intakes at the corners lend a sporty appearance, and tow hooks in the lower fascia take touches from rugged off-roaders.


Chery Tiggo Sport Coupe Concept

In profile, the Tiggo Sport Coupe has a distinct similarity to the C-HR, particularly the silhouette over the hood and up the roof. Heavily sculpted fenders also underline the model’s sporty aesthetic.

The rear adapts cues from the front. For example, a strip of LEDs stretches across the entire width of the back and connect the taillights. The outlets at the corners pick up the shape of the ones in the face, and there is another pair of tow hooks in the bumper.

Inside, the styling leans towards minimalism by eliminating most buttons from the cabin. Instead, a pair of digital screens serves as the instrument panel and infotainment display.


Chery Tiggo Sport Coupe Concept

Chery doesn’t offer any powertrain details, but the concept would feature the company’s autonomous technology, which is currently under development. When not in control, drivers would be able to play video games from behind the wheel, including a removable Bluetooth headset for “a realistic game experience,” according to the company. 

The FV2030 concept at Auto China last year previewed the Tiggo Sport Coupe’s general shape but had more avant-garde styling. They have a similar silhouette. However, the FV2030 incorporated futuristic elements like gullwing doors and a polka dot covering over the sides.

Source: Chery

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