Ladies and gentlemen, we present for your consideration an exhibition of power in a time-honored tradition nearly as old as the automobile. But before we get to the antics of this 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat, here's a question for the group. Is a burnout really an exhibition of power?

Be honest – how many of you have managed at least a mildly impressive burnout with a 100-horsepower beater mobile? There is at least one person writing reading this article who once fogged an entire high school parking lot, using every one of the 130 horses generated from a 1982 Ford Crown Victoria. That is, allegedly fogged; we can't confirm the incident actually happened.

Not that we would partake in such antics on public property – we don’t condone this sort of activity where people and things are put at risk, especially on public roads in the middle of a town. Besides, it doesn’t take a ton of power to pull off a billowing smoke show, so really, who are you trying to impress?

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It does, however, take prolific ponies to completely rip the tires through six freaking gears. According to the description of this YouTube video the Hellcat action comes from Poland, where at least the streets were devoid of people and traffic for this bonkers burnout. First gear comes and goes so quick you nearly miss it, followed by wisps of smoke in second. And third. And fourth. And well, you get the point. It’s only into seventh gear when the car – or perhaps the driver – runs out of guts to continue.

Our disclaimer above may have been a bit tongue-in-cheek, but there’s a serious side that tends to get lost in all that tire smoke. Obviously the driver is riding the brakes to keep vehicle speed down, but the rear tires are still clocking enough revolutions to indicate upwards of 160 miles per hour at the peak of this burnout. That’s difficult to control in the best of circumstances, never mind the potential catastrophe in the event of a blowout should anyone be in the vicinity. So seriously folks, do not try this sort of thing at home. 


Source: Reddit, YouTube

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