So does its smaller XT sibling.

What happens when you take the frame of a Ford F-450 pickup and turn it into a go-anywhere, do-anything SUV of epic proportions? The end result is a bulletproof (literally) Rhino GX, a vehicle built by California-based U.S. Specialty Vehicles (USSV).

The Rhino GX’s smaller sibling, the Rhino XT prototype, recently made its big-screen debut in the latest installment of Fast and the Furious. In doing so, it also garnered the attention of one denim-wearing enthusiast by the name of Jay Leno. In an effort to learn a bit more about two of the most potent civilian vehicles money can buy, Leno decided to get behind the wheel.

First up is the XT. It uses a standard Jeep Wrangler as its base, with a supercharged 285-horsepower (212-kilowatt) 3.6-liter V6 under the hood. But there’s nothing "standard" about this SUV. The exterior wears a unique design that includes bulletproof body panels, specially designed wheels and tires, and a fully revamped interior. USSV says that production just kicked off, but that the vehicle used in the film was an early prototype.

The larger GX, meanwhile, comes with the option of either a 6.7-lliter diesel V8, or a 6.8-liter gas-powered V10. Whichever engine you do decide, you get an equally dramatic bulletproof exterior to match, special wheels and tires, and a suite of luxury components throughout the cabin.

Though Jay doesn't get behind the wheel of the XT prototype (yet), you can still watch him conquer some California roads in the larger GX.

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