Rinspeed spent €1 million putting together this iChange concept car. This might explain why it is not slated for market production.

The Rinspeed iChange Concept was announced at the Geneva Motor Show. The iChange is an automotive study into the way tomorrow's cars can be made to interact with their passengers. Rinspeed spent some seriously hard currency to the tune of €1 million to build it. Thus there is very little risk of it being on sale to the general public. Maybe it might work as a movie prop for the next Transformers?

Otherwise the greatest desire of Rinspeed founder and CEO Frank M. Rinderknecht is to showcase technologies that may be adapted for use in real cars of the future. The iChange has as its main attraction, the ability to change from a 1 seater to a 2 seater and finally into a 3 seater via some electronic trickery.

"If we want to preserve our individual mobility in the future, we have to re-think our conception of cars - above all we need to accommodate the ecological aspects," said Rinderknecht at the time of the iChange's announcement. Clean technologies are also applied to the 130kW (177hp) car so that it becomes a complete eco-friendly model car for the future motorist.


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