It’s not a huge departure from the current CLA-Class, which isn’t a bad thing.

A refreshed-for-2018 S-Class isn’t the only thing Mercedes-Benz took to the Auto Shangahi 2017. The manufacturer also debuted its Concept A Sedan, giving the motoring world a potential look into the future for entry-level shoppers seeking a path to Mercedes ownership.

“Our Concept A Sedan shows that the time of creases is over,” said Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler AG in a press release. “With its perfect proportions and a sensual treatment of surfaces with reduced lines, it is the next milestone of ‘Sensual Purity’ and has the potential to introduce a new design era."


The Concept A Sedan takes a cautious-yet-attractive approach to the compact luxury segment. Short overhangs front and rear are complimented with large wheel arches that have the slightest of flair to accommodate 20-inch wheels. Despite Wagener’s claim to the contrary, the concept does showcase some angular tendencies for both the front and rear lamps. The high belt line and arching roof are satisfyingly Mercedes, but it’s not much of a stretch to see shades of a Mazda6 in the drooping front clip.

Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan
Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan

 Mercedes offers no mention of potential engines or powertrain combinations. The current CLA-class – which has morphed into a likable entry-level machine for American shoppers – relies on a modest 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder generating 208 horsepower for the front wheels. 4Matic all-wheel drive is optional, and of course there’s the AMG edition with 375 horsepower.

Of course, the U.S. market hasn’t been privy to the same starter-edition Merc known around the world. First appearing in 1997, the A-Class was an awkward-looking five-door hatchback that didn’t adopt a sedan variant until the A-Class redesign in 2012 and subsequent CLA-Class launch in 2013. Since then, Mercedes has sold over two million units worldwide.

A new Mercedes A-Class sedan is expected to arrive later in 2018.

Source: Mercedes-Benz


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