What's the deal with Fast and the Furious? If they're so fast, then why are they so furious?

After raking in about $100 million over the weekend in the United States, The Fate of the Furious shows no sign of being a flop for the high-octane franchise. However, if the producers decide they want to take a different direction for the last films in the series, then Funny or Die shows why Jerry Seinfeld would be a perfect addition to the family. Actually, that’s probably an awful idea, but the result is still hilarious in a new mash-up of the blockbuster’s trailer with clips from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

The fake trailer pitches Seinfeld as the new partner for Dwayne Johnson’s Agent Hobbs for a mission to find Dominic Toretto. By carefully combining some of the movie’s action shots and the comedian’s quips, the clip lets us imagine what Seinfeld would be like in the car-focused franchise.

Fast and Furious 8 Trailer

A Seinfeld-starring entry in The Fast and the Furious series is highly unlikely and probably wouldn’t be very good. A twist on this idea has some merit, though. We would definitely listen to car-loving comedians doing a commentary track for The Fate of the Furious. Seinfeld, Jay Leno and perhaps Adam Carolla could be a good trio for suitably mixing automotive knowledge and laughs. Think of it as Mystery Science Theater 3000 for auto enthusiasts.

Unlike peanut butter and chocolate, Jerry Seinfeld and The Fast and the Furious probably aren’t two great things that are even better together. However, there will be plenty of them separately in the future. Seinfeld will move Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to Netflix for the upcoming seasons. Meanwhile, Vin Diesel will produce at least two more installments in the F&F franchise, and there will possibly be spinoff films after the main series is over.

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