A few cues from Ferrari's past make these futuristic renderings look amazing.

So, you have some neat automotive hobbies? Maybe you tinker with radio control cars, or perhaps you’re the one that everybody in the local car scene turns to for detailing tips or sick vinyl graphics. Or maybe you like to doodle car designs – we’ve all done doodling at some point, right?

We don’t know if Slimane Toubal doodles car designs strictly as a hobby, but considering the quality of these renders we seriously doubt it. Actually, we don’t know much at all about this automotive artist save that he hails from Spain, and he’s supremely talented. He sent us a message awhile back talking about his latest personal project involving Ferraris, and well, we certainly hope his talents aren’t just a side gig, because damn.

Toubal has created three fan-made future Ferrari concepts that draw inspiration from past models, and we must say they look great in a crazy, concept way. They represent different versions of his Ferrari 250 design – California is the hardtop, Malibu is the spider, and because you can’t have a Ferrari without a competition variant, the Daytona is the no-nonsense track edition.

Ferrari 250 Concept by Slimane Toubal
Ferrari 250 Concept by Slimane Toubal

On his website, Toubal calls his vision “Neo Retro Design,” drawing inspiration from Ferraris of the1960s. While American manufacturers are still cashing in on the whole nostalgia theme with models like the Camaro and Challenger, we haven’t really seen such cues from Ferrari. The chrome grille with integrated lights on this concept is a very classy addition to an otherwise thoroughly futuristic design, as are the knockoff wheels. The side glass with mini gull-wing doors on the hardtop variants is a bit odd, but in the context of concept vehicles it all seems right-at-home.

Ferrari, are you paying attention? It’s not that the current lineup from Maranello is disappointing in any way, but we wouldn’t be upset with a few retro cues as portrayed in these beautiful fan-made concepts. And special thanks to Slimane Toubal for giving us the heads-up on this. Well done, sir.

Source: Slimane Toubal



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