The big number in the reveal of the plug-in hybrid and all-electric versions of the Honda Clarity models was the 42-mile electric range for the PHEV and the 25.5-kWH battery in the EV. But there's another number that was revealed at the New York Auto Show that we should all be aware of: a mid-$30s price tag. Honda wouldn't give out the exact MSRP just yet (both of these vehicle will go on sale later this year, with the EV coming to select market first and then the PHEV getting nationwide availability at some point), but the official word is somewhere around $35,000 for either one.

This is a whole lot less than the Clarity Fuel Cell, which is only available for lease at $369 a month (plus $2,499 due at signing) for 36 months. There's no announced MSRP for the fuel cell, but a price tag of around $60,000 was bandied around in the past. You get $15,000 worth of "free" hydrogen over the course of the lease, and Honda VP of Environmental Business Development Office, Steve Center, says that Honda may move as many hydrogen units as all-electric models. "Maybe the fuel cell would [sell] more," Center said. "I think people are going to start to realize that a) it's an electric car, and b) you don't have any of the battery car limitations in terms of charge time or range. 'Cause that car won't have a 366 mile EPA range, and you don't have to have home to charge it."

The PHEV will outsell them both, obviously, because it will be available across the U.S., and not just in green car hot spots like the other powertrain options. If you want a deeper dive into the Clarity series, check out our full interview with Center here.

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