The extent of Honda F1 chief executive Nick Fry's involvement in the newly-reborn Brawn GP is yet to be clarified.

The 52-year-old Briton, whose presence in the world of formula one dating back to the BAR team guise has often attracted harsh criticism, represented the Brackley squad on Thursday when the FOTA alliance presented its future vision to the press in Geneva.

But, several hours later, his name was not mentioned once in the 700-word press release heralding the birth of the team's new guise under the ownership and leadership of Ross Brawn.

In Geneva, Fry was the first to leave the FOTA event, refusing to take questions from the floor, The Guardian newspaper revealed.

He "did nothing to dispel the growing impression that he has been marginalised at the team he once led", the newspaper added.


Nick Fry *marginalised* in Brawn's post-Honda era