250,000th Cayenne is a 3.0 liter, 6-cylinder diesel version with 240 hp just introduced into the Porsche range. Porsche has sold 250,000 Cayennes in the 6 years since the model was launched in December of 2002.

Porsche has produced its 250,000th Cayenne.

The model rolled off the assembly line at the Stuttgart-based luxury automaker's Leipzig plant today. It was a white, six-cylinder diesel Cayenne headed for a customer in Austria.

Who buys a white car?

One sees lots of white cars in California, and they tend to show up more often in warmer climates like Spain or Italy. Why? Who knows. It's just that a white Cayenne roaming the streets of a less-than-always sunny country looks a little conspicuous. But maybe that's exactly what the customer wants. Good luck with the car wash bills.

Porsche's with diesels are also a very new affair. Diesel engines were introduced into the lineup just recently and the first diesel Cayenne premiered at the Geneva auto show just this week. The diesel engine in this Cayenne is a 3.0 liter, 6-banger with 240 hp supplied by VW Group and produced by Audi.

Still, Porsche has proved the skeptics wrong. When it decided to expand its product portfolio back in late 2002 not with another sports car model but with an SUV many critics were aghast. 250,000 units sold in 6 years for low-volume, luxury automaker like Porsche has to be acknowledged as a sales success. And even doubters had to concede the model is an excellent performer on the road in every way that can be expected from a vehicle with those dimensions.

Of course, Porsche isn't counting on sales to assure the health of its bottom line. It trades in VW stock in order to do that.


Porsche Sends its 250,000th Cayenne down the line