European design for a Chinese people-mover.

Multinational automotive manufacturer Geely has released the first teaser image of a new concept, probably previewing a production model. Tentatively called the MPV concept, the vehicle will be officially revealed in Shanghai later this week.

Featuring a sleek design, as far as the first teaser suggests, the study seems to have seven seats judging by its length. Short front and rear overhangs give the people-carrier a rather sporty appearance, while a three-stroke LED signature, both for the headlights and taillights, creates a distinctive look. Interestingly, at the back, we noticed some similarities with the design of the Skoda Kodiaq - especially the shape of the bumper and the boot lid.

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No more official details are available at the moment and the Chinese manufacturer is not willing to say what powers the concept. Also, there’s no word whether this is only a design study or it actually previews a future production model.

Another Chinese brand, Lynk & Co, part of Geely’s family, will also have a new model on display in Shanghai. The 03 sedan rides on the CMA platform developed by Volvo, another marque from Geely’s portfolio, and will probably share many components with the future new S40.

Stay tuned for our coverage from the 2017 Auto Shanghai, when we will have more details about the Geely MPV concept and Lynk & Co’s 03 sedan.

Source: Geely via Car Advice