An Audi RS6-based Sportec RS700 has appeared at the Geneva Motor Show. It keeps the car's stock 5.0-litre V10 but brings out an extra 120 ponies out of it.

Sportec calls it the Noble Power limousine. A more appropriate name might be the T-Rex in stilettos. This is the RS700 which is introduced to the world via the 2009 Geneva International Motor Show by specialist tuner Sportec.

The RS700 is what Sportec wishes Audi would have done to the RS6 in the first place. The 5.0-litre V10 engine's capacity was retained but some changes were made. The ECU was reprogrammed and new high-performance catalysts with higher flow rate fitted to the exhaust system.

The engine now makes more than 700hp (522kW) and torque is a huge 800Nm. Standard figures are 580 hp (426 kW) and 650Nm respectively. The large quattro AWD-driven sedan takes the 0 -100km/h sprint in 4 seconds while 0 - 200km/h takes 12 seconds. Maximum speed is limited to 310km/h.

The light alloy 20-inch wheels come with 265/30 tyres that are suitable for high-performance purposes. The suspension system which can be lowered by 30 millimetres along with the rear diffuser give the car much of the downforce it needs to handle better. Inside Sportec fitted aluminium accessories like the pedals and footrests among other things.


Gallery: Sportec RS700 based on Audi RS6 Debuted in Geneva