2015 model year diesels can be sold again.

Volkswagen announced it already bought back or repaired nearly 244,200 2.0-liter TDI vehicles in the United States. Simply said, half of the work is done just six months after the largest repurchase campaign in the history of the auto industry has started.

In a letter to a U.S. judge overseeing the process, the German manufacturer said that, as of April 12, it repurchased or terminated leases of 238,000 diesel cars and fixed another 6,200. Under an agreement with the government, Volkswagen has to buy back or repair at least 85 percent of all more than 475,000 affected vehicles by 2019 or face additional penalties.

Volkswagen is now able to sell diesel cars in the country again for the first time since the Dieselgate scandal broke more than two years ago. The manufacturer received an approval from EPA and can offer 2015 model year diesels with updated software and eliminated cheating device.

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However, as a test from our colleagues at Swedish publication Teknikens Värld shows, the fixed diesel vehicles are up to 10 percent less powerful than originally and also burn more fuel. Additionally, diesel models from Audi, like the Q5 SUV, produce up to 10 percent less torque. Volkswagen said if follows “all tests closely” and “have yet to learn the details of Teknikens Värld’s test and the method used and look forward to doing so in order to comment more specifically.”

The biggest scandal in the history of the industry will force Volkswagen Group to slightly delay the U.S. homologation of new products. In a result, the Porsche Panamera, for example, will arrive three months later than initially expected.

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