From a powerful SUV to unique watches, these are the most important numbers of the week.

Numbers are all around us – whether we're breaking down the performance of a Ferrari 488, or comparing the price of a Model S to a Mercedes. Every week we pick out a few numbers that are so significant we have to give them a second look. Today we’re looking at key figures from Lamborghini, Forza Motorsport, and Ford.


The diameter, in inches, of the front carbon-ceramic brake discs on the Lamborghini Urus. Strong brakes will be very important, after all, given that Lambo’s super-SUV packs 650 horsepower and weighs a beefy 4,750 pounds.


The starting price, in dollars, of watches that are made from recycled classic Ford Mustang parts. REC Watches finds scrapped or wrecked cars and turns them into these cool timepieces, including the donor car’s year and VIN on the face.


The maximum number of laps you can now run in a single race thanks to a new Forza Motorsport 7 update. It comes as the “Doritos Car Pack” download adds such diverse cars as the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and 1985 Nissan Safari become available to drive in the Xbox game.


The maximum towing capacity of the 2018 Ford Super Duty. That’s thanks in part to upgrades to the 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8, which now packs 450 horsepower and 935 pound-feet of torque – increases of 10 for each number compared to last year’s truck.


The amount of horsepower on offer from the 1993-1998 Mercedes SL 60 AMG. It’s one of 11 awesome foreign-market cars – see them all in the gallery above – that U.S. enthusiasts can legally import starting in 2018 – along with gems like the Audi S2 and Renault Clio Williams.

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