From the BMW Z4 concept to the Ford GT, these are the most important numbers of the week.

Numbers are all around us – whether we're breaking down the performance of a Ferrari 488, or comparing the price of a Model S to a Mercedes. Every week we pick out a few numbers that are so significant we have to give them a second look. Today we’re looking at key figures from BMW, Ford, and Aston Martin.


An important number within the BMW lineup, the German marque introduced the stunning Z4 concept at this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in Monterey. The concept features
 a long, low design, accented by large air intakes and massive wheels, hinting at its performance focus. Unfortunately the company left out one crucial detail: horsepower.


The number of iconic Japanese sports cars that might make their debut later this year in Tokyo, if we're to believe reports. Rumors suggest that the reborn Toyota Supra, a new Mazda RX-9, and a Nissan 390Z concept will all be on display when doors open to the Tokyo Motor Show late October. We have our fingers crossed.


The number of Vanquish Zagato Speedsters and Shooting Brakes that will be built. Just 28 examples of the handsome Speedster will be offered to buyers, while 99 examples of the lovely Shooting Brake will be up for sale. The company doesn’t list a price on either, but if you have to ask...


Ford Ranger Raptor Rendering

The number of years (at least) that we’ll have to wait to see the Ford Ranger Raptor on the road, scheduled for a debut sometime in 2020. Thankfully, our friends at OmniAuto have digitally rendered the proposed performance pickup using spy photos and details borrowed from the F-150 Raptor, and it looks awesome.


The number of years since the iconic Ford GT40 took home the 1967 Le Mans win. Now, in honor of that historic occasion, the company will offer a limited livery option for buyers of the 2018 Ford GT supercar. The red and white livery pays tribute to the icon, and will be available to buyers at an extra cost.

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