Remember way back in the old days when monster trucks would slowly crawl over cars that were already compacted? It was wild and crazy – a pickup truck … driving over actual cars! And when cantilever suspension replaced tried-and-true leaf springs, these behemoths were suddenly flying over cars. Literally flying through the air! If, at any point in between those monster truck milestones, someone had said these machines would someday be performing precision acrobatics worthy of 32 million video views on something called Facebook, well it would just be crazy talk.




Friends, welcome to crazy 2017 America. Not only do monster trucks fly, and backflip, and frontflip as we saw a few weeks ago, they can also now moonwalk. Not exactly in the Michael-Jackson-Billie-Jean sense, but the concept is sort-of similar. Stick a monster truck on its front wheels with the butt pointed skyward, then balance it there while slowly driving backwards. Actually, that sounds a bit more like the family dog wearing one of those cone things after returning from the vet, but hey, moonwalk sounds way cooler.

And yes, it’s a thing. Facebooker Diane Conger happened to be at a Monster Jam event in Syracuse, New York on April 8 and captured Ryan Anderson with his truck Son-uva Digger in action for the freestyle event. Near the end of the run – which also included a backflip by the way – Anderson stood the truck on its nose and drove roughly 50 feet backward. Perhaps the best part, however, is the near-rollover at the very end that becomes an epic save for a majestic finish.

Monster trucks certainly aren’t for everyone, but we have nothing but props for Ryan Anderson’s skill behind the wheel of this rig. And we’re not alone on that – Diane Conger’s Facebook video of the event has been viewed 32 million times and has 750,000 shares.

We echo her simple one-word comment on the post: Unbelievable.

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