The driver was honest with the state trooper about why he was speeding. He just wanted to show off the muscle car's performance to his buddies in the car.

Late at night, when the road is empty, there can be a serious temptation to put the throttle down and watch the speedometer climb well past the legal limit. This impulse landed an Indiana driver behind bars in the wee hours of Friday morning after he pushed his 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat to 158 miles per hour (254.3 kilometers per hour), which was more than twice the 70-mph (113 kph) posted limit.

Indiana State Trooper Alaa Hamed busted the Hellcat driver on the Indiana Toll Road near Gary, Indiana, at 1:31 AM local time on April 14, according to a report by the Indiana State Police posted on Nixle. There was no other traffic on the road going in either direction at the time, according to the officer.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat 151 MPH Police

It appears that the driver was starting to slow down even before the officer caught him. The policeman was stationary when he noticed the Hellcat coming up at high speed. The cruiser’s rear-facing radar showed the muscle car doing 158 mph, and a subsequent radar check showed the coupe at 151 mph (243 kph) (above). “The Challenger rapidly decreased its speed as it passed Hamed’s police car,” the report said. 

The driver was arrested for reckless driving. He admitted to recently purchasing the Hellcat, and he was going at such a high speed to show off the muscle car’s performance to two friends in the car. “He stated he knew was doing 160 mph (258 kph) and thought the Indiana Toll Road would be the safest place to do this since it was empty,” according to the report. We applaud the guy’s honesty.

The owner spent the rest of the night in the Lake County Jail, and the cops towed his Challenger away. Reckless driving is a Class B misdemeanor in Indiana. This driver could face up to 180 days in jail and a fine as high as $1,000.

Source: Nixle Via Jalopnik

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