“What’s important for us is to find the right partners in the right locations," says the brand's North American director.

There’s a ton of buzz surrounding Alfa Romeo right now. The company’s successful Super Bowl ad spots put the brand and its stunning Giulia sedan in front of American faces, and now the Stelvio looks to capture the money of the crossover-hungry buying public. But as Alfa grows and expands, the brand’s North American director, Pieter Hogeveen, says he isn’t concerned about not having a standalone dealer network.

“What’s important for us is to find the right partners in the right locations,” Hogeveen says. “The best thing is for us to have the right partner.”

Alfa Romeo currently has 168 dealers across North America, and will continue to add more. Hogeveen says Alfa Romeo has to “change the behavior of the [luxury] customer” who’s just used to driving up to a BMW or Audi store. “We have to be 100-percent conquest.”

The Stelvio crossover will surely help Alfa Romeo’s growth, especially in the United States. Hogeveen says Alfa expects it to meet or surpass sales of the Giulia, with about 50 percent of all Stelvio models being the mid-grade Ti trim. The base model will account for another 40-ish percent, and the 505-horsepower Quadrifoglio will be very low volume, at 5 to 10 percent.

But Alfa isn’t just focused on its higher-volume models. The 4C sports car will continue to play a big role, despite its low-volume status. “4C’s a very, very important part of the Alfa brand,” Hogeveen says. “Being true to Alfa Romeo’s history,” it’s important for a sports car to be there, as a halo car, and a way to draw people into dealers... even if they’re located inside another brand’s showroom.


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