Gumpert presents the new Apollo Speed at the Geneva Motor Show. It comes in a two-tone paint finish and its 8-cylinder biturbo engine cooks up 800hp and 900Nm.

The Gumpert Apollo Speed has been immortalised on this introductory video clip. Gumpert unveiled the Apollo-based Speed model at the Geneva Motor Show during a media presentation.

Modifications done on the existing Apollo are the new tail lights, an adjustable spoiler, new wheel arches and a modified underbody. The latter is made of carbon fiber and aluminum. It has a removable steering wheel for easier access into the cockpit. Gumpert reckons the addition of luxury items like air conditioning, a DVD player and a leather interior cannot derail the car from its ultimate mission of being quick yet stable.

The word Speed in Apollo Speed was not used for nothing. The car runs an 8-cylinder biturbo engine which turns out 800hp (597kW) and 900Nm of torque. It is said to bolt from 0 - 200km/h in 8.9 seconds, about the same time as what the BMW 520D Touring (wagon) achieves for its 0 - 100km/h run. Zero to 100km/h goes by in 3 seconds. To emphasize the Speed's lower ride height compared to the normal Apollo, Gumpert applied a two-tone exterior paint finish on it.


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