The rear emblem lights up in red.

Given Audi’s two teaser videos, the German brand’s concept for Auto Shanghai will have lighting to rival Clark Griswold’s house in Christmas Vacation. After previously showing the extensively lit front end, complete with an illuminated Four Rings logo, the new clip reveals a similarly radiant rear.

Based on this video, strips of horizontal LEDs make up the taillights. Smaller lights below them can perform other tricks like doing a twirling effect. The turn signals perform another stunt by streaming across the back when active. The Four Rings logo also illuminates in red.

Audi is keeping the rest of this concept’s identity a secret, but the E-Tron logo in the previous teaser points to an electrified model. With so much illumination on the outside, it better have a big battery capacity for keeping the lights on.

Audi Shanghai Concept Rear

Neither video provides a very good look at the concept’s body, but the latest clip appears to show a trunk at the rear, rather than a hatchback. If that’s the case, this is probably a luxury sedan or coupe rather than a crossover. The lights don’t look anything like what’s under the camouflage of the next-gen A8 currently under development, so we don’t think this vehicle is related to it.

Audi allegedly intends to launch five E-Tron electric vehicles in China over the next five years, including body styles like a sedan and city car. Depending on the model, these EVs would have ranges between 250 miles (400 kilometers) to in excess of 311 miles (500 kilometers).

Audi will get serious about it EV onslaught next year when the E-Tron will go into production in Belgium. This Tesla-Model-X-fighter will reportedly use a similar powertrain as the concept by incorporating three electric motors – one at the front axle and a pair at the rear.

Source: Audi Germany

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