The Perana Z-One made its official public showing at one of Europe's premier motor show in Geneva. Production which begins this year is to be limited to 999 cars.

Here are some live pictures of the Perana Z-One taken at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. For some reason the ladies posted by its sides are not accessories and therefore are excluded from its expected €50,000 price.

The Z-One was designed in association with Zagato and is to be built in South Africa by Perana. It has a 6.2-litre Chevrolet V8 with 330kW (442hp). No ABS or ESP is fitted to the sports car that is planned for a maximum mass of 1,195kg. But a limited slip differential should give the driver some form of safety net as far as handling goes. Contact with the road is through 345/30/19 Michelin rear tyres and the 275/35/18 front tyres.

A limited production of the Z-One of 999 examples will be built beginning some time during this year.


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