The feedback received by the people behind the Mirrow Provocator was generally positive following the official debut more than a year ago. However, some had concerns about the car’s very small footprint, prompting a few of them to say it’s just too small and consequently cramped on the side. Maybe the renders did not paint an accurate picture regarding the vehicle’s size, but what matters the most is the city car is not so tiny. In fact, at just under 2.7 meters, it’s just as long as a Smart ForTwo.

There was also the matter of a very limited ground clearance, but in reality there shouldn’t be any issues as the Mirrow Provocator offers 180 millimeters (7 inches), which is actually more than the ForTwo’s 132 mm (5.2 inches).

Mirrow Provocator
Mirrow Provocator

Originating from Russia, the adorable four-seater seems like a neat way for your daily commute and has now been envisioned in two new retro and modern flavors. The former is called “Mirrow StyleT” and as the name implies it takes inspiration from the iconic Ford Model T. In regards to the latter, the “Mirrow Paradox” adopts a futuristic design while retaining the boxy shape to maximize space inside the cabin.

Speaking of the interior, company representatives are saying it offers Mercedes E-Class levels of space for people sitting on the front. In the back, the seats are “even more comfortable.” Not only that, but there’s also a decent amount of space to carry various items, even big suitcases, a snowboard, or a bicycle. Alternatively, owners can carry more than 800 cans of Red Bull cans underneath the seats for a generous supply of wings.

While the styling is very different, the two cars are actually very similar in the sense that both ride upon a flexible platform with an aircraft-inspired configuration. The main door has been mounted at the back of the vehicle while on the sides there are two emergency exists. Using this door layout, it should be a piece of cake to get out of the car in a tight parking spot.

Mirrow Provocator
Mirrow Provocator

The strategy does not actually involve putting the cars into production. Rather than becoming an independent car manufacturer, Mirrowcars wants to license its concept to other companies to produce. Another way to go is to supply ready-made polymer bodies to other firms using the same concept, but with distinctive designs tailored to each partner.

Although envisioned with a 1.5-liter turbo engine good for a 0-100 kph run in less than 8.7 seconds and a 140-kph top speed, the car can actually be transformed into an EV. Installing 11,000 accumulator units of 18650‐type underneath the seats should provide enough juice for up to 248 miles (400 kilometers) between two charges.

It’s no doubt an interesting proposal for a city car, but it remains to be seen whether the project has a future in such a competitive car world. We hope it succeeds.

Source: MirrowCars

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