Apparently, all the tech and design of a new Lincoln vehicle might not give shoppers enough reasons to actually purchase one. That's why the Lincoln team is so gung-ho about creating Lincoln experiences to "enhance" your life when you buy or lease one of their vehicles. This week, the brand is announcing two new programs that you can get with your new Lincoln. These are just test runs for now, but if they follow the ground laid out by the Lincoln Pick Up & Delivery program, expect to see At-Home Test Drives and Lincoln Chauffeur coming your way soon.

As a refresher, the Pick Up & Delivery service, now available on all 2017 model year Lincolns (not just the Black Label vehicles), allows Lincoln owners to schedule a time for a Lincoln representative to come pick up your car when it needs service, leave you with a loaner vehicles, take your car to the dealer, and bring it back when whatever broke has been fixed. This is the kind of next-level service Lincoln is counting on to move units.

So, what are these the two new programs? The less exciting one is At-Home Test Drives. Now undergoing testing in the Dallas and Houston markets, this lets potential buyers schedule a time and location for a product specialist to come to a specified location at a particular time to let you test drive a Lincoln vehicle. Being too busy to visit the dealer lot is no longer an excuse to not buy a Lincoln.

Now let's move on to the other, more-absurd service: Lincoln Chauffeur. Entering testing in Miami this week, Lincoln Chauffeur allows Lincoln owners and lessees to request personalized driver or shopping assistants for their busy lifestyles. If you've ever wanted a minion, here's your chance. Lincoln has worked with an unnamed third party to train workers to serve at your beck and call, driving your own car to bring you to a dinner date, pick up your kids after soccer practice, or drop you off at the airport, for example. After Miami, Lincoln Chauffeur will be available in San Diego, and may come to other markets once the kinks have been worked out. Where available, new Lincoln buyers/lessees get eight hours of Lincoln Chauffeur services with their vehicles, and can then pay $30 an hour to continue the service, if they like having a stranger drive them around in their own car.

In the end, these sorts of experiences appear to be working. Lincoln snagged the top spot in the American Consumer Satisfaction Index last year, beating out 23 other brands.

Source: Lincoln

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Photo by: Zac Estrada
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