Together with the debut of the 2018 TLX, Acura is rolling out its new "What A Ride" marketing campaign. The mobile-first campaign was created entirely using vertical video, questionable as that may be, and binds the new TLX to its sportier NSX sibling by connecting some of the similarities between the two. Hopefully that includes parallels in performance.

Set to the tune of the song "The Movement," by Kid Ink, the ad campaign will center around the all-new TLX, and in certain aspects, the hotter A-Spec trim. It will continue the brand’s Precision Crafted Performance focus and the high-energy theme found throughout previous campaigns.

"Building on the success of the MDX campaign, we're launching TLX with a dynamic and energetic approach that features rich colors and bold sounds," said Acura Vice President and General Manager, Jon Ikeda. "Over the past year, we've established a unique and consistent voice that is resonating with consumers and differentiating our brand."

The campaign is comprised of four videos entitled, "Geek + Chic," "Wild + Things," "Warp + Speed," and "Force + Field," all of which were filmed with special vertical cameras for a more social media-friendly feel, and can be seen in full below. Together with the new TLX, the ad campaign will make its debut at the New York Auto Show before coming to a TV screen near you.



Source: Acura

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