We have live shots of the BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo concept, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

As expected, the BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo concept debuted in Geneva on schedule. The Progressive Activity Sedan, as BMW calls it, is an idea conceived to fill a gap that BMW sees in the marketplace.

BMW has whipped out an interesting interior design in keeping with the car's delivery of a true "driving experience." The dual-tone white and tan interior feels clean and relaxing. This is augmented by the white headliner neatly placed above the 2+2 layout. The glass roof also makes this car feel more open. We also see LCD screens in place for the rear passengers.

Obviously, this is supposed to also convey BMW's level as a luxury goods provider. But this car also has elements of practicality. Rear seats fold down to provide 1650 liters of cargo space.

Details were not released on the car's power capabilities.

One thing has been made clear: if this car gets a positive response, it will most certainly go to production. Like the X-badged crossover vehicles, a successful BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo could lead to a 3-series GT as well.

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