The GTbyCitroen, which appeared as a concept in Paris, will get a limited production run. The announcement was made at the Geneve Motor Show.

Big news out at the Geneva Motor Show, where Citroen exec Vincent Besson has indicated his company will bring the GTbyCitroen concept to market. Besson confirmed that the car, which appeared in Paris as a full-scale model, will receive a limited edition, according to Autocar.

"We are now thinking of a limited run, possibly as many as 20 units," he told the magazine.

The car was introduced last year through a series of teasers under the notion that it would only truly exist in a virtual world. GTbyCitroen features prominently in the Playstation 3 video game Gran Turismo 5. Its scale model measured 4.960 meters long, 2.080 meters wide, and 1.090 meters high: big measurements for a proposed supercar.

GTbyCitroen was designed with an oversized backside and oversized wheel arches, neatly covering 21-inch aluminum wheels. LED lights project information to the driver, and gullwing doors provide easy access in and out. If it goes into production, it would likely get a V8 built by either Ford or GM.

Besson cited the popularity of the GTbyCitroen concept as the reason for the production run, but he did not set a timetable for the vehicle's release.