Not a good day for the rider... or the pigeon.

Ferrari Land Spain opens its doors thrill seekers later this week. In preparation, a few lucky roller coaster enthusiasts were able to try out the rides a few days early. While riding one of the world’s highest and fastest roller coasters, Red Force, one unlucky passenger was hit by a pigeon. Thankfully it was all captured on video for the internet to see.

The video below shows the incident, which likely claimed the life of the pigeon (rest in peace). Soon after the coaster launches, about five seconds into the video, a man in a sport coat is struck in the face and throat by the bird. After a moment of shock, he grabs the bird and tosses it behind him, still with blood on his face.

Though he tries to continue to enjoy the roller coaster, you can tell his emotions just aren’t the same. After the ride comes to a stop, he quickly turns to the passenger next to him and behind him to explain the traumatic event that just occurred. Can you blame him? He was just struck in the face by a pigeon at almost 112 miles per hour.

Hopefully they’ll have all the birds – I mean, bugs worked out by opening day, which is this Friday April 14, 2017. Ferrari Land is the second Ferrari theme park following Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, which opened in 2010.


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