Lumma Design seems to think so.

As beautiful as the new Range Rover Velar is, we knew it would only be a matter of time before tuners got their hands on one. In this case, Lumma Design out of Germany gave the latest Range Rover a digital makeover before sending it out in the real world.

It’s called the Lumma CLR GT Limited Edition, and like other Range Rover projects before it, it tacks a wide body kit onto the body of the new Velar. Love it or hate it, it’s definitely unique, and finished off by a forest green exterior, it gives the Range Rover a new, distinctive look.

Lumma Range Rover Velar

The body kit is accented by a more pronounced grille and front fascia finished in carbon fiber. The hood vents and side vents also get the carbon fiber treatment, while the roof is painted in a jet black finish. The wheels, meanwhile, are a custom set of Lumma designed allows that accent the aggressive new package.

The rear also gets a new set of distinctive features, including quad exhaust tips, a carbon fiber rear diffuser, and a carbon fiber spoiler. Naturally, the Range Rover logo has been replaced with the "Lumma CLR GT" logo – the package celebrating 30 years of the shop’s heritage.

Lumma Design hasn’t said how much it will all cost on top of the price of the base Velar, but don’t expect it to be cheap. The new Range Rover Velar starts at just $50,895 in the U.S., but can be optioned all the way up to $103,265. Complete Range Rover Sport packages from Lumma start at just over $100,000.

Source: Lumma Design

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