The ix-ONIC concept is a compact, four-wheel drive SUV that comes with a 1.6 liter gasoline engine with 170 hp. Hyundai has also made use of high-tech plastics instead of glass to make the rear window seem 3-dimensional.

One notices a pattern in Hyundai and (sister brand) Kia press releases. That being, the emphasis on new models being designed in Europe or intended for European customers. It is obvious that those two brands are making an effort to make the grade style-wise vis-a-vis the domestic competition.

Hence, Hyundai has unveiled the ix-ONIC concept car - a compact, four-wheel drive SUV.

And the design is something that very much mimics European styling. Like the Kia No 3 concept, which bears more than slight resemblance to the Ford Fiesta, this ix-ONIC reminds one immediately of the Ford Kuga. Ford of Europe should be flattered by all the imitation. Or they should sue.

The ix-ONIC name is obviously meant to convey the word iconic. And iconic may be taken to mean unique or ubiquitous. But there are some techno-goodies here to make this a veritable concept car.

The ix-ONIC comes with LED daytime running lights, 21-inch alloy wheels and uses high-tech plastics instead of glass to make the rear window seem 3-dimensional. Why? Your own judgment will have to decide that one.

Under the hood is a 1.6 liter GDI turbocharged 4-cylinder gasoline engine with 170 hp married to a dual-clutch 6-speed transmission. Stop-start technology helps keep up fuel economy and CO2 emissions come in at a comforting 149 g/km.

No official news yet on this concept going to production, despite recent prototype sightings in Scandinavia, however this Hyundai seems like their most competitive offering yet in the small SUV segment which includes such models as the Ford Kuga and the VW Tiguan. That's an indication this ix-ONIC may very well make it to the streets sometime soon.


Hyundai ix-ONIC Concept Live Video in Geneva