Mercedes-Benz showcase the new E-Class Sedan at Geneva with its impressive range of new powerplants. From direct-injection four-cylinders to its EU6-compliant BLUEefficiency unit, the new E-Class offers new levels of safety, comfort and efficiency.

Mercedes-Benz have premiered their new E-Class Sedan at the Geneva Motor Show, now more than ever said to deal in superlatives in safety, comfort and environmental sensitivity.

To improve the E-Class' long-distance comfort, a 30 per cent more rigid body has been developed and mated to a newly-developed suspension system, that adjusts shock absorbers to the driving situation. Exclusively used by Mercedes-Benz, seating is reinforced by a further padded seat piping technique for optimal comfort and well-being.

Occupant comfort can only be further enhanced by safety being as high as it is on the agenda. The E-Class is equipped with a drowsiness detection system, Adaptive Highbeam Assist and a proximity control system, which is able to apply the emergency brake automatically if an acute danger of collision is detected.

Improvements in efficiency are delivered by direct-injection four and six-cylinder engines that together account for 23 per cent lower fuel consumption than outgoing equivalents. All E-Class engines meet strict EU5 emissions standards. BLUEefficiency models introduce new tyres, accounting for 17 per cent lower rolling resistance, the ECO start/stop function and further minor evergy-saving controls. The new E is also the world's most aerodynamically-efficient luxury vehicle with a drag coefficient of only 0.25 Cd - representing a 0.25l/100km drop in fuel consumption at 130 km/h.

The range of engines covers four, six and eight-cylinder options with outputs ranging from 100 kW/136 hp to 386 kW/525 hp. Highlighting the advantages of the new direct-injection four-cylinders, the new engines develop more power and torque than comparable V6 powerplants available on the previous-generation E-Class.

The new-generation builds upon a model that has achieved success the world over, shifting over 1.3 million units since 2002. In its home market of Germany, 40 per cent of all cars in its segment have 'E' in their designation - this is the world's most successful business saloon.

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